Category: Stethoscope
Estimated Date: 1830
Name: Stethoscope , Piorry

Description: 7” long oak stem which is 0.65” in diameter through most of its length but tapers to a 1.65” bell at the last 1.25 of its length. The end is fitted with a threaded ivory ring onto which a pleximeter of ivory 1.6 screws and the 2” ear piece which can be screwed over it for convenient carrying in addition there is a 5.25” wooden tube with ivory fittings at each end, which are threaded to extend the length.

Reference 1: 141

Stethoscope , Laenecs
Laennec Stethoscope
Stethoscope, Modified Laennec
Stethoscope , Piorry
Stethoscope , Piorry