Category: Stethoscope
Estimated Date: 1835
Name: Stethoscope , Piorry

Description: 6.25” long oak stem which is .65” in diameter through most of its length but tapers to a 1.65” bell at the last 1.25 of its length. There is a hollow wooden plug which fits into the bell to reduce its calibre. The end is fitted with a threaded ivory ring onto which a pleximeter of ivory 1.6 screws and the 2” ear piece which can be screwed over it for convenient carrying. Although this example is in excellent condition, it is missing the extension tube that was often used, presumably to allow the physician to maintain a safer distance from the patient.

Reference 1: 141

Stethoscope , Laenecs
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Stethoscope , Piorry
Stethoscope , Piorry