Category: Hematology
Estimated Date: 1910
Name: Haemometer
Manufacturer: F. Buechi and Sobn

Description: 6.5“x 3.25“x 1.5” black box labled in white print: Haemometer, nach Prof. Dr. Sahli D.R.G.M. with mnfr.5 3/8× 1 1/8x .5” black thermoplastic stand with two slots, for 1/4” tubes, one with a liquid (colored) and the other hand calibrated to 140. There is a translucent backing, case also contains pipette. One 20 cm, the other unlabeled. Tubing with ivory mouthpiece and tube of fluid in screw top case.

Reference 1: 417

American Standard Haemacytometer
Hematospectroscope of Dr. Henocque
Transfusion Apparatus, Horrocks