Category: Hematology
Estimated Date: 1930
Name: Coagulometer
Manufacturer: W. C. Rieker

Description: 3.75“x 3.75“x 1 1/8” black box embossed coagulometer contains 1.25” circular steel chamber with glass on one end of 0.75” opening. Two 1” side arms and a hollow arm ending in the opening in a pointed tip. This arm attaches to rubber tubing ending in a rubber bulb embossed Becton Dickinson, Pat applied for. 1.25“x 0.75”. Circular cover has a lens marked W.C. Rieker, Philadelphia.

Reference 1: 259

American Standard Haemacytometer
Hematospectroscope of Dr. Henocque
Transfusion Apparatus, Horrocks