Category: Stethoscope
Estimated Date: 1930
Name: Stethoscope (converts a bell to a diaphragm)
Manufacturer: G.P. Pilling And Son

Description: Stethoscope adaptor consisting of a Bowles patent Pilling special stethoscope, which is a 1.5” circular chest piece with a diaphragm and a metal protective plate. The tube bends immediately on exiting the detector and attaches to a rubber tube at the end of which is an ebony 3” adaptor, which tapers to enter the rubber tube and again to the end piece, which can plug into a bell. The whole is 9” long. The adapter in place converting a bell to a diaphragm can be seen in another page of this site.

Reference 1: 259

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Stethoscope (converts a bell to a diaphragm)
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