Category: Sphygmomanometer
Estimated Date: 1910
Name: Oscillometre
Manufacturer: G. Boulitte

Description: 8“x 7“x 5” black box contains a 5.5“d x 3“h circular steel gauge with one scale from 0 to 20 for oscillations and the other 0 to 30 cmHg. labelled Oscillometre sphygmometrique de Dr.Prof Pachon, brevete SGDG G. Boulitte. 15-21 rue Bobillot, Paris. The gauge has outlets for the cuff, a switch to determine the minimum and maximum oscillation and to switch from pulsations to pressure. The cuff is made of cloth and leather and is contained in the base of the box instead of in a separate compartment.

Reference 1: 415

Sphygmomanometer, Erlanger
Accoson Sphygmomanometer
Sphygmomanometer, Baum
Baummanometer, wall  model, super sphyg.