Category: Urology
Estimated Date: 1830
Name: Urethral dilators
Manufacturer: J. Weiss

Description: 14.5“x 6“x 2” walnut box with brass bands and red velvet lining. Label J. Weiss in a space missing what is probably a dilator,see possible example, although it could have just contained some fluid or lubricant. Five other pieces. Two ivory handles, 3” labeled Weiss newly invented instrument for extracting the stone, the 10” steel rod expands when handle is pulled. 3 pieces with round handles Weiss, dilator for stricture similar, expand when handle is turned, 2 with ebony on the two guarded ones are labeled for phimosis (straight) and the for the female urethra (slight curve). All handles are checkered.

Reference 1: 166

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