Category: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Estimated Date: 1885
Name: Dr. Molesworths Dilator and Intra Uterine Syringe
Manufacturer: Dr. Molesworth

Description: Leatherette box 10“x 2.75“x 1.25” has instructions on bottom of case. Contains 9.75” nickle plated probe in lid, two flexible and one non flexible nozzle about 9” long, the flexible ones screw into the curved fixed one 3/8” dia. The hard rubber or composition syringe is 4” long and may not be the original. Pat June 2, ’85 on the non flexible staff. The entire directions can be viewed easilly by enlarging the photo that shows the bottom of the box. It is interesting that in addition to advocating its use as an intrauterine syringe and (cervical) dilator they suggest its use for dilating the Sinus, the female urethra, the first three or four inches of the male urethra, infantile phymosis, etc, etc, etc. A later instrument that also served a function in irrigating the uterus can be seen elsewhere on this site. It apparently was manufactured by Dr. W. Molesworth of Brooklyn, N.Y.

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