Category: Medicine Chest
Estimated Date: 1860
Name: Medical Chest of Dr. Charles E. Hill

Description: Leather covered wooden box, 6“x 15“x 9.5”. Top tray contains 16 wood medicine containers, electric belt, 16 blade scarificator marked JTfD (18 cent) 1.25” cube, glass syringe, scalpel, eye glasses, tortoise covered scalpel (M. Munt, Boston) and a box of pills. Bottom contains 8 glass medical jars, pocket instrument case, syringe, cased 15 blade scarificator, scales, glassware and medicine cases. This remarkably well preserved chest is stocked with all of the minor materials a practicing physician in the mid part of the 19 century in America would use. Notable are the bleeder, and electric belt along with more conventional medications. One instrument in the top shelf is an elevatorfor brain work with an early turned handle. An early singlebladed scarificator is also present. A number of prescriptions are present in one wallet. Dr. Hill (1825 to 1887) practiced in Bridgton and North Fryeburg Maine. He was born in Chatham, Maine and attended Bowdoin College. He moved to Bridgton and then settled in Fryeburg. His first wife was Marinda P. Wiggin who died in May 1863 and then he married Susan Osgood who was a native of North Fryeburg.. See the Porter medical bag for a similar historic collection.

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