Category: Bleeding and Cupping
Estimated Date: 1800
Name: Brass Phleam
Manufacturer: Duvert Freres, coutillerie, Thiers-P de D

Description: 4 1/4” brass case, with 1 1/4” pocket at end to hold ends of blades and a small outcropping on the pocket for a blade that has a U shaped end. Six blades, three are typical phleam blades with triangular ends each of a different size, one standard lancet, one with a curved end and the last with the U shaped end that is quite sharp, for some type of shaving. The blades average about 4” long not counting the end for exposing the indivual blades.. These instruments were probably dual purpose from the time when the family doctor also cared for the livestock.

Reference 1: 230

Cupping Set
Ivory handled three blade scalple, bleeder
Bleeding Lancets, shagren cased set
Artificial Leech, Reeses Uterine
Brass Phleam