Category: Anesthesia
Estimated Date: 1900
Name: Dudley Buxton’s Modification ofJunker Inhaler
Manufacturer: Down Bros

Description: 9“x 5“x 8.5” leatherette case. Contains 2 bottles, one 7” hand marked in drams, and fitted into case the second in a canvas case very similar but only 5”. The mask is made of a celluloid like material, 6“x 3.5’x 3.5” with ivory like (celluloid) fittings. Each piece has nickle plated metal attachments, bottles have hooks for hanging from the buttonhole of the anesthesiologist. Also in the case is a pump and rubber tubing. This is a version of Dudley Buxton’s modification of the Junker Inhaler.(Med.Times and Gaz (1867) ii 590)..This introduced the concept of “blow-over” using liquid chloroform. But the original setup was dangerous and went through several modifications including this one to reduce the danger of an incorrect connection and introducing liquid chloroform into the lung. A virtually identical set is still shown in the 1935 edition of the Down Bros catalogue

Reference 1: 47

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