Category: Cased Set
Estimated Date: 1918
Name: Capital Surgery Set
Manufacturer: GP Pilling and Son

Description: 64×24” canvas roll marked GP Pilling and Son contract April 29, 1918. US Army capital set with 39 major pieces each in a outlined designation and pouch with suture material at end. Includes, mallet, saw, trephine, scalpels, forceps, elevators, etc. 5 metal boxes among the 39 include syringe, tracheotomy set, bowel resection set, amputation knives. Only a few pieces are missing. The whole rolls up compactly. Rolls up to 10.5“x14“x6”. Label on case says General Operating case. There are some instruments marked Maslam and Co. but the vas majority have the Pilling Insignia. The mallot is wood and chrome plate. The instruments are either chrome plate or less likely stainless steel. Certainly an WWI set.

Reference 1: 259

Amputation Set
Capital Surgery Set
Surgeons Chest
Surgical Chest
Surgeons Kit