Category: Cased Set
Estimated Date: 1863
Name: Amputation Set, General Surgical
Manufacturer: J. Teufel

Description: 3 layer surgical set with 27 instruments, most original including Heys saw, 9 scalpels , bone brush , scissors, elevator, forceps , needles in lid, 4 large 14.5” amputation knives, saw with extra blade, bone forceps, 2 trephines and tourniquet all in a 16.5“x 6.25“x 3.5” mahogany burl brass bound case with escutcheon. “Presented to Dr. B.L. Manly, Bat E 3rd NY Art, Sept 1863”. The army record is in the case. Dr. Manly also served with the Colored artillery in the Civil War. According to the muster sheets, which are also shown here, Dr. Manly was mustered into the 3 artillery battalion of NY on June 30, 1863 for a 3 year period. He was 31 years old and entered at the rank of 1st lieutenant and assistant surgeon. He was mustered out on December 1863 to be transferred to the 1st US Colored Calvary. At that time he was promoted to the rank of Surgeon.

Reference 1: 24

Amputation Set, General Surgical