Don Blaufox lecturing on the history of medicine at the Bruce Museum, Greenwich Ct.. January 2019

I am currently Professor and University Chairman Emeritus of the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. I am a former Chairman of the American Board of Nuclear Medicine and the author of more than two hundred and ninety peer reviewed articles and book chapters on Nuclear Medicine, Hypertension and Medical History.
In addition, I am the Editor of the Seminars in Nuclear Medicine, and serve on the Editorial Board of various journals in related fields. I have authored or edited 25 books. I have also contributed ninety-six chapters in books, and reviews in textbooks and journals. My latest books are “Blood Pressure Measurement: An Illustrated History,” and β€œAn Ear to the Chest: The Evolution of the Stethoscope.” My interest in Medical History grew out of a major collection of antique medical instruments, books and related items. My full CV can be viewed at this link in Word format.

The photo above to the right is of me lecturing on the history of medicine at the Bruce Museum, Greenwich Ct, January 2019. The occasion was the opening of the “Dawn of Modern Medicine” that exhibited about 150 artifacts from my collection across a wide variety of subjects. Part of the exhibit on auscultation, as well as an 18th century print of a physician taking the pulse can be seen behind me.


I would like to thank the following for their contributions to the formulation of this site and the collections shown here:

My wife Paulette for her help in finding and cataloguing the many items shown;
Fusion Lab for the website design (Alon Koppel and Melissa Weaver);
Abed Islam who played a key role in designing the site and has helped maintain it.
Mrs. Nolie Mumie who generously gave me the stethoscope drawings shown here and related supporting materials;
Dr and Mrs. Erwin Rugendorff who provided a great deal of helpful advice;
The many medical antique dealers and rare book dealers who made items of interest available to me.