Category: Microscope
Estimated Date: 1750
Name: Culpepper Microscope
Manufacturer: Lincoln

Description: Brass, original lacquer finish, l4.25 inches high, objective cover, eyepiece protector, 3 extra objective, drawer in base, original case, slide holder for base, original ivory mounted slides, signed Lincoln in base. The invention of the microscope was one of the earliest truly revolutionary discoveries in medicine and the world in general. Microscopes progressed from simple lenses to more complex forms. Typical of the craftsmanship of the pre 20th century era, a great amount of esthetic charm was incorporated into all of the designs. The Culpepper microscope is an elegant device. It has considerable magnification capability and an attractive design. This was replaced during the 19th century with more practical devices and the invention of the binocular microscope.

Reference 1: 376

Culpepper Microscope
Culpepper Microscope 2
Monocular Microscope
Microscope, Wilson type, screw barrel