Category: Cures
Estimated Date: 1890
Name: George’s Cough Balsam
Manufacturer: R. P. George, Coffstown, N.H.

Description: Embossed: Yes
Label: Yes
Contents: Yes
Color: Acqua
Pontilled: No
6 3/4” x 2 1/4” x 1” contains black liquid with name of manufacturer embossed on back. “A sure cure”. Clearly predates the pure food and drug act with the claim of a cure. There is little or no information about this bottle or the company in refernce books or the internet. There has been a pamphlet for sale advertising the product, but no date is given. The date here is a best estimate.

George's Cough Balsam
One Minute Cough Cure
Wood's Rheumatism Cure
Booth's Hyomei
Langenbach's Dysentery Cure