Category: Anatomy
Estimated Date: 1890
Name: Dissection Kit
Manufacturer: M. Hunt

Description: 7“x 3.25“x 1 1/8” brown wooden case contains 7 assorted knives and tenacula in a plush red velvet lining, small slot on bottom above knives contains a blowpipe and a large needle. There is a scissor in the lid marked Adams USA, a replacement and a hidden compartment on the bottom of the lid opens to reveal a director, several probes, needles and related objects. All pieces ivory or bone handled, 5.5”. One piece is a replacement labelled Ford, Caswell Hazard. One probe labelled Tiemann. Nice example of a simple dissection kit. The blow pipe was used to help separate tissue layers.

Reference 1: 57

Dissection Kit
Autopsy Hammer