Category: Civil War
Estimated Date: 1864
Name: Satterlee Army Hospital
Manufacturer: James D. Gay, Publisher

Description: This print depicts the USA Satterlee Army Hospital in West Philadelphia during the Civil War. The caption reads: “This is perhaps the largest and most complete Army Hospital in the world. It covers sixteen acres of ground. There are 24 wards, containing 4500 beds. The length of the buildings is 900 feet. There are all together 7 acres of floors. It was opened for the reception of our brave sick and wounded soldiers, June 9th 1862. Admitted up to May 27th 1864 12,773. Deaths 260. Since the great battles of the Wilderness and Spottsylvania, there have been several hundred tents put up outside of the enclosure, as the accommodations are not sufficient for the large number of patients daily arriving from the field. The principal officers are:”

Satterlee Army Hospital
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